Health news

Lots of good health news!

on the near horizon for stroke care, a new mesh device not yet approved by the FDA can be placed in a stroke victim within a 6 hour window and restore full blood flow.  Experimentation is now going on in some hospitals.

Israeli researchers have found the drinking unsweetened pomegranate juice and eating 3 dates  unsweetened together once a day can lower stress on arterial walls by 33% and lowers cholesterol by 28%.  A tasty and easy trick!

slow joggers are healthier than fast joggers.  A slow jog for 1 to 2.4 hours per week extends life span while fast more frequent joggers are at pace with those who do not excercise.

Last of all , on a lighter note, my wife Kathy is an accomplished artist.  She has some of her work around our office so you can enjoy on your next visit.

Stay cool and out of the hot hot sun!

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