Spring is on the way in!

Good day to all.

Even though it feels like Spring (my favorite season) I know more winter is on its way.  In fact tonight it is to be in the 25 degree temp range and darn on me  for even thinking about it.

Hope you have met Joy and now a new member of my team is Brittany.  Brittany is my front desk manager taking Penny’s place.  We hated to see Penny leave for full time work but Brittany will be a wonderful  asset to our team.  Welcome Brittany.

March brings in the Hinman Dental Meeting to Atlanta once again.  It is the second largest meeting of its kind in the country and it has excellent speakers and lots of new ideas and products coming down the pipe line.   We will be sure to come back from it brimming with ideas for you our patients.  We are always putting you first!


Drinking tea every day may be good for your heart.  People who drank 1-3 cups of tea per day were less likely to have a cardiovascular event over an 11 year period than those who did not drink tea.  Tea drinkers were less likely to have calcium buildup in the heart coronary arteries. Let’s all drink some tea!

Do not plant your spring flowers until after Easter!  Never seems to fail…warm weather gives you the flower planting bug and boom, in comes the cold.  Do not be tempted.  Restraint is the word of the month!



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